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Insuring Tree Farms

For the first time ever there is a private insurance product that is designed to cover tree farms. Tree Farm Insurance offers up to 10 million dollars per policy.  Increased limits are available with underwriting approval.  Our product was specifically designed to insure standing timber and all other forms of tree farms.

The Government excludes Christmas Trees from their subsidized crop insurance program. We hope to insure all of the Christmas Tree farms in the USA.

The tree farm insurance policy was specifically designed to help:

  • Tree Farms
  • Orchards
  • Citrus Groves
  • Fruit Plantations
  • Christmas Tree Farms
  • Palm trees
  • Standing Timber
  • Forests

We insure all types of trees. We insure PIP (pot in pot), containerized, in the ground, hydroponics, etc. We insure trees in transit and while at distribution hubs. We insure the tree from a seed to an installed asset.  We love trees and are doing our part to reduce the nation’s carbon footprint by creating a method for people to replace trees after a covered natural disaster. When people replace destroyed trees, more tree farms will develop to fill the need of replacement inventories. This will help the environment and beautify America at the same time.

Live assets are a true asset on your balance sheet. Once trees are insured, a lender is more likely to collateralize your live inventory, and expand your business line of credit by being listed as a lost payee on your Live Asset property policy.

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