Live Asset Insurance

How to Obtain a Live Asset Insurance Policy:

  • First, fill out the “contact us” section of the website: Completing this information automatically populates our database, and stores your information so that we may contact you to answer any questions and provide additional information.
  • The next step is to fill out an application which will provide us with enough information about your needs to generate a proposal. An on-line application is available by clicking on the link below. We can also send you an application via e-mail or through the USPS if preferred.
  • In order to provide you with the most accurate quote and recommendations it will be necessary for you to provide us with an inventory of the Live Assets you wish to insure. In the Download Forms section, is an inventory form which will enable you to provide detailed information about your plants.

    If you do not know the value of your plants, we recommend you contact our inspection and valuation partner, Horticultural Asset Management, Inc. (HMI). HMI can send a certified arborist to your property to inventory, inspect and determine the replacement cost values of the plants you wish to insure. You can order this inspection by contacting HMI’s customer service department at 866-937-6468.
  • Once we receive the application and inventory, your package will be forwarded to our underwriter for review and we will issue a formal proposal to you within 72 hours.
  • Once you decide to place coverage Live Asset Insurance offers a number of options for premium payment including extended payment terms with low interest rates.
  • After coverage is bound, an onsite inspection will be conducted. Within 30 days, an industry trained expert from HMI will visit your property to conduct an inspection of the property and a sampling of the plants you are insuring. This inspection is intended to validate the coverage amounts and determine the overall health of your live assets. Unhealthy plants represent an elevated risk of failure from multiple perils so it is our policy to only insure healthy live assets in our effort to keep this valuable coverage very affordable

    • If you engage HMI to conduct an initial inspection/valuation as described in section 3 above, we will waive inspection requirement (and cost) after coverage is bound
  • If the actual values are dramatically different than those originally estimated, we will endorse the policy to reflect the new figures. For example, we recently had one client who estimated their inventory value at $650,000. Following a detailed inventory it was determined that they had $2,330,000 in plant material. After insuring the full amount, the owners said they were appreciative that we helped them discover their live assets’ “true value” so they could properly insure and avoid a potentially crippling economic loss.
  • Some coverage options include:

    • If desired, owners can choose to insure only a portion of their inventories. The inspectors will identify the area or plant in question and specifically exclude all other inventories except those designated for coverage.
    • If you have field grown trees and containerized plants and you only wanted to insure the containerized inventory that is also acceptable with our program.
    • Coverage can be increased at any time with underwriting approval.
    • If you have wild fluctuations in inventory, we can insure both the highs and the lows, and come up with a composite rate to eliminate the need for monthly reporting.
  • Our goal is to be available to all Live Asset exposures, and to be extremely easy to work with. If we can be doing something to make the process easier for you, please email or call
    David J Teed, CIC, 800- 644-0178.
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Live Asset Insurance