Live Asset Insurance

Landscape Insurance for Live Assets

Private Landscape Maintenance Insurance

Our insurance program was designed to protect large landscape exposures. Live Asset Insurance is for every landscape professional from architect in the design stage, to the growers, distributors, retail garden centers, landscape installation crews, gardeners maintaining the live assets, and finally, the end user.


Our clients appreciate the landscape insurance product as a ‘warrantee” for the live asset itself.

This insurance policy was specifically designed to help:

  • Landscape Design Firms
  • Gardeners
  • Landscape Architects
  • Arborists
  • Landscape Installers
  • Tree Removal Services
  • Tree Moving Contractors
  • Golf Course Design and Installation Firms

Everyone with large live asset exposures can benefit from Landscape Insurance

The Live Asset Landscape Insurance policy exists because the industry was underserved by the insurance marketplace. Tree Farms and Nurseries were the first to speak out for the need for this product, but everyone with large live asset exposures can benefit from this insurance coverage. Many specialists use our program to protect their client’s large landscape installations against lightning, wind, freeze, hail, fire, theft and other insured perils as a way to “guarantee” that losses beyond their control will not “bankrupt” their businesses during the period following installation.

Everyone working in the “green” industry should be aware of this product and its benefits. The potential “peace of mind” our exciting new product brings to both residential and commercial clients, is unlimited.

The American Nursery and Landscape Association, ANLA, has enthusiastically endorsed our program nationally and will be promoting it to their members and the green industry.

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