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What types of plant material will be considered for insurance?

Virtually every tree, shrub, flower or vine, however, we do not cover fruit, nuts, berries, vegetables or spices unless they are part of the nursery stock held for sale. The Government has coverage for the “golden eggs” while we only cover the “golden goose”.

What is the insurance period?

Coverage begins after acceptance of the quote and ends at the earliest of either the expiration date of the one year policy, the date of final adjustment of a loss when total indemnities due equal the amount of insurance or when the removal of bare root plants from the field or plant material (container) from the nursery.

What is Live Asset Insurance?

Live asset insures trees, shrubs, flowers and vines against the risk of loss due to covered named perils.

What does the insurance cover?

Named Perils: Fire (including brush areas), lightning, explosion, hail, windstorm, smoke, aircraft damage, vehicle damage, riot or civil commotion, vandalism, theft, sprinkler leakage, sinkhole, volcanic action, falling objects, freeze, weight of ice-snow-sleet, water damage(limitations), flood (except in flood zones A & V), and earth movement (quake). We do cover items not available thru the government such as Christmas trees, grape vines and retail garden centers with growing operations that exceed the allotted percentages.

We exclude quake in California and other notable perils we do not cover are animal damage, pests, insects, disease or drought. From Virginia to Texas we are unable to provide coverage for risks within 50 miles of the shore.

How much coverage is available?

We offer $10,000,000 per policy; $100,000 per tree, $1,000 per shrub or bush, $500 for any one plant and $250 for any one vine. Larger limits are available on a case by case basis. Multiple locations separated by 15 miles can be insured up to 10 million per location!

Is debris removal included?

Yes, debris removal is built into the policy and is included in the coverage amount selected; the policy has a debris removal and installation sub limit of $50,000 per loss. However, debris removal limits and installation can be increased up to 50% of the live asset policy limit.

Is there a deductible?

Yes, the minimum deductible is $10,000. The deductible can be raised to lower the cost.

What is the premium?

The minimum premium is $5,000. Premiums are based on the value at risk as well as the location and deductible charged plus applicable taxes and fees.

Who is writing the policy?

We place the coverage with a large internationally recognized insurance company that is “A rated” (excellent) by A.M. Best. Please call your broker directly to learn more about the company or (800) 644-0178. (Solicitation laws prohibit us from revealing which Carrier we use in a general mailing.)

Will my local insurance agent or broker be able to access the insurance for me?

Yes. They will be able to sell the coverage to you and any other client that has a large live asset exposure.

Do you offer insurance agents or broker’s compensation?

We do if the producer is licensed, and in good standing with the insurance department in the state. The premium remains the same regardless of broker involvement.

Who should buy this coverage?

Arboretums, botanical gardens, builders and developers, colleges, universities or municipalities, landscape installation contractors, greenhouses, golf courses, homeowner associations, nurseries, office parks, orchards, retail garden centers, tree farms, vineyards, zoos; virtually anyone who wants to replace destroyed living plant material with something of a comparable like, kind and quality. By layering our policy as primary or excess coverage you can eliminate the need to tap into your retained earnings in the event of a covered loss.

What is needed to get a proposal?

Call 800-644-0178 or go on line to and fill out the contact information or have your broker contact us on your behalf.

How quickly can we get a proposal?

Normally in 1 to 3 business days.

How quickly can a policy be issued?

Same as above.

What happens after a policy is issued?

An inspection is ordered from our valuation partner HMI who will verify the inventories are representative of the information on the policy. If we find that there is more or less value than requested, the policy will be endorsed up or down, and the premium will be adjusted.

Do we renew the coverage each year?

Yes, this is an annual policy. The policy is non auditable so any change in stock will need to be addressed at the time of renewal.

Will the policy pay for the full replacement of my live assets?

If a covered peril destroys your assets our policy pays for the replacement of your asset with a like kind and quality replacement, less the deductible. Other claim settlement options are available if your destroyed inventory is truly not commercially available.

Can you give me an example of a claim?

Yes. If you owned a nursery (let’s say in McMinnville Tennessee, around Easter 2007) and a 100 year freeze wiped out your entire plant inventory, we would pay the full policy limits less the deductible. If you own a retail garden center or greenhouse and a fire destroyed your plant material, we would pay policy limits less the deductible. If you grew specimen trees and wind caused them to snap like toothpicks, or the weight of ice and snow did the same, we would pay for the removal of the fallen tree, install a new one, and if none were available we would allow you to install a new liner and receive full compensation with a 3 year structured payment. 

Do you require loss information?

Yes, 3 years currently valued loss runs.

Do you compete with our existing brokers for our business insurance?

Absolutely not! Our goal is to work together with your existing broker to provide you with the best mix of coverage and cost savings. We encourage brokers to partner with us if they need our national broker position to access markets they do not have available; however, we will not compete against a broker that has an existing relationship with Live Asset Insurance.

Do you offer payment options?

Yes. We offer 15% deposit with ten equal monthly installments with a below industry average interest rate.

Is this like “Life Insurance” for my living plant material?

Yes, that is exactly what this is. If your plants die and are unable to be sold, this policy responds. (Please see our policy for full coverage details). There are vulnerable inventories in all areas of the country and Mother Nature’s deadly wrath is not going to stop any time soon.

Does this policy pay for my lost market share if I suffer a loss?

No, but we will pay for new plant material, to put you back in business, so you do not have to take money out of your pocket to start back up after a devastating loss. We have other products available that were designed to replace lost income due to severe weather related events. 

Who has endorsed your policy?

The ANLA American Nursery Landscape Association and your local broker.

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